Oricol to talk alternate fuels at waste conference

Oricol Environmental Services has been included in the list of speakers for the Institute of Waste Management South Africa’s Eastern Cape regional conference.

The Oricol delegation will deliver a presentation on new developments and solutions for diverting waste from landfill, notably, wastes to be used as alternative fuels for cement kilns.

The conference, scheduled to take place on 2 August 2017 at the World of Windows venue at the iconic Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, aims to enhance the local networking efforts in the drive toward waste minimisation.

Wastes will be used as an alternative fuel for a cement kiln

Waste as Alternative Fuel for Cement Kiln

Press Release: InterCement South Africa (also known as NPC) has entered into an agreement with Oricol Environmental Services to co-process liquid and sludge waste in its cement kilns near Port Shepstone in KwaZulu-Natal.

This involves the recovery of energy and minerals from the waste whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel consumption, raw material consumption and diverting waste from landfill.

“Oricol Environmental Services sees this as an important step in diverting high calorific and liquid sludge wastes from landfill or incineration which can be used as alternative energy source while protecting the environment,” said Richard Sanders, founder and chief executive, Oricol Environmental Services.

The Positive Cup

Ecollaboration and sustainability targets are transforming how coffee is sourced and produced worldwide and Nespresso is making headway into becoming an industry leader that is looking full circle at its impacts and involving its consumers in its ambitious recycling initiatives; changing coffee culture, one cup at a time. Melissa Baird reports.


Recycled polystyrene for building and construction

Based on the concept of the LIV Village that was founded by Tich and Joan Smith in KwaZulu-Natal in 2001, the new 20,850m² Village of Hope, nearing completion in Kosmos in the North West Province, is being built entirely from a new building and construction method that incorporates recycled polystyrene.

There are over 5-million orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa, mostly due to HIV/AIDS and poverty, with 12,000 added to this every month. Like the LIV village, the Village of Hope will exist to raise the next generation of leaders in South Africa by placing orphaned and vulnerable children into a family environment with a trained foster mother to love them, a school to educate them, and where all their physical needs are met,” says Hennie Snyman of the Mobile Education and Training Trust (METT).

Oricol acquires specialist water treatment company, Biobox

Oricol acquires specialist water treatment company

Oricol is pleased to announce that we completed the acquisition of Biobox Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a specialist water and waste water treatment company in July 2015.

Specialising in the design, supply and installation of innovative water and wastewater treatment systems, Biobox’s product focus is simple: to recycle, treat and conserve water for domestic and commercial applications such as irrigation, flushing or washing.

Biobox, a private company, founded in 1994 and formally incorporated in 2002, believes that environmental conservation is of utmost importance and has been at the forefront of sustainable, clean technology as they introduced the Biorock® system into the South African market. Biorock® is the only domestic sewage treatment plant in the world that requires no electricity and meets the highest standards. 

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