Opening of Oricol’s KZN Energy and Resource Recovery Facility

Press release: Oricol Environmental Services, an industry leader in environmental services, waste management, waste treatment and recycling, has announced the official opening of its new resource recovery facility in Cato Ridge, KwaZulu-Natal.

The facility, which has been certified to the prestigious international standard ISO 14001-2015 (environment) certification, will be unveiled at a ceremony on 14 November 2018.

Secure product destruction of illegal DVD's by Oricol

Oricol oversees secure destruction of illegal DVDs

Oricol Environmental Services has coordinated the secure destruction of over 55 000 illegal DVDs and CDs that were seized from locations across KwaZulu-Natal.

This follows raids conducted by the Film and Publication Board’s (FPB) compliance monitoring team in partnership with the SA Police Services and Metro Police in Durban, Ladysmith, Port Shepstone, Pinetown, Pietermaritzburg, oThongathi, Chatsworth and Isipingo.

Oricol sponsors plastic waste clean-up in Durban

Oricol helps fund Durban storm clean-up

As a responsible corporate citizen, Oricol Environmental Services is always looking for ways to help keep the environment clean and free of waste.

In the wake of the massive storm which swept through Durban last month, we partnered with the Durban Partnership Against Plastic Pollution (DPaPP) to help fund the clean-up of the plastic waste that had collected in the waterways around the city and had found its way into the uMngeni River.

IWMSA Waste Conference in Port Elizabeth

Oricol to talk alternate fuels at waste conference

Oricol Environmental Services has been included in the list of speakers for the Institute of Waste Management South Africa’s Eastern Cape regional conference.

The Oricol delegation will deliver a presentation on new developments and solutions for diverting waste from landfill, notably, wastes to be used as alternative fuels for cement kilns.

The conference, scheduled to take place on 2 August 2017 at the World of Windows venue at the iconic Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, aims to enhance the local networking efforts in the drive toward waste minimisation.

High calorific waste to be used as alternative fuel for cement kilns

Waste as Alternative Fuel for Cement Kiln

Press Release: InterCement South Africa (also known as NPC) has entered into an agreement with Oricol Environmental Services to co-process liquid and sludge waste in its cement kilns near Port Shepstone in KwaZulu-Natal.

This involves the recovery of energy and minerals from the waste whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions, fossil fuel consumption, raw material consumption and diverting waste from landfill.

“Oricol Environmental Services sees this as an important step in diverting high calorific and liquid sludge wastes from landfill or incineration which can be used as alternative energy source while protecting the environment,” said Richard Sanders, founder and chief executive, Oricol Environmental Services.

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